Every aspect of Dutch life is regulated, either by the system or through an abundance of social control. Methodical application of rationality to every nuance in the country left hardly any space for alternatives. Overwhelming regulation has created environments and experiences increasingly devoid of humanity, restraining the capacity for adaptation and creative change.


To counter the negative effects of overregulation and restore a healthy balance of order and natural randomness, a new official entity is established in the Netherlands - the Ministry of Reasonable Chaos. Its goal is to create possibilities for change by introducing reasonable amounts of chaos and randomness into various aspects of life. Dedicated to change society’s approach to the unpredictable the Ministry encourages the public to use it as a tool for creativity. By creating playful interventions in environments, systems and objects, it opens vacancies, allowing breathing space for new ideas and reevaluation of the existing structures.


As an introduction to its practice, the Ministry employs tools for intervention and quick prototyping for public spaces, in an archetypical shape of bricks. Provoking and suggesting possibilities these small messengers of reasonable chaos break through the monotony of rigid spaces and invite the public to sculpt their environments.

Ministry of Reasonable Chaos / Irakli Sabekia / 2020